Stamp journey 2012 to 2016 - 01

Dear Friends,

I was away for quite sometime.

I try to tell you my story since last post, it was so much stories and I am still making stamp.

When I did the exhibition "Nice to stamp you"  in order to meet people in den haag, it was very successful and the projects kept going until summer 2016.

The reason why I started was because I did not know almost anyone in the city.
I came to holland in 2005 to work for design agency in Amsterdam, I left to japan in 2009 but I came back in 2010 with my wife to work for another brand design office in den haag, ever since I live here with two kids and my lovely wife.

When I started work for myself in 2011, I realized did not know anyone in the city since I spend most of time when I was working in office and family in den haag. I decided to create a project to meet people by making a stamp for them. 

The concept was to make personal symbol in a stamp.
It stared interest in human essence, what is that looks like? how different it look from people in different culture, age, gender etc and the project worked as a research about what does it look? and how to question in order to going into the level of essence.

The exhibition at Mien (a cafe in the center) was very successful, I met quite some people who become a good friends and some very confused about the project because I could not explain what I was doing at the time, but project was kept going because people did not stop coming to make a stamp.

This project was ended by an exhibition in Kumamoto, Japan in Summer 2015 by presenting the idea of "Visualizing personal symbol in a form of Stamp" by short interview... everything was good except for one thing, it was the end of the project instead of kick starting the project...