VAVI | two large stamps for exterior

ONE STAMP has been quiet since new year and yes,
I just came back from japan and now starting up the 2012!
here is a project from japan...

 I always go a hair dresser when I go back to Kumamoto in Japan.
The place is called Hair design VAVI and the owner became a good friend and he ask me to 
create something for the place when I visit last time, so after I came back to holland 
I decided to make two scissors stamps with a drawing which you see on the picture.
The idea is to create two letter "V" and "I" to write "VAVI"

At this time, he also ask me to create something for outside, also mention a problem 
is that the place does not recognized as a hair dresser in the night, so I decided to make 
same scissors stamps in large scale for exterior.

V as a friend Hiro and I as a friend Nao, thank!

The stamp made out of a "special" material called OFURO-MATTO:)
at VAVI with a customer
Making a colour Pink 
I worked during opening hour so shutter  is half close

almost finish

Only one has got Pink

Nice texture...

This is how it look in the night

The owner, very nice guy with good skill and heart, thank you very much for always!
Hair design VAVI
Tel. 096-288-1439
Web. www.vavi-design.com
6-30 Kokaihonmachi, Kumamoto-shi
Kumamoto JAPAN