Report | Chapan Mart

First of all Chapan mart was very successful!
We worried about snow and myself if I can be the place because full of snow everywhere in Europe at the moment but surprisingly many people came and enjoyed relaxing sunday afternoon in Amsterdam.

It was nice that many people interested in the stamp project and people who interesting in doing live stamp join to do it and create own story, especially kids was crazy painting wall with totally black hands...

The owner of tea shop also liked the pain, so she decided to keep the pain for some weeks, so if you interest in the paint, go Formocha and enjoy chinese tea at same time.





Chapan Mart

I'm happy to announce that we found a place for the event!

Date: Sunday December 19, 2010   Doors open: 15.00-18.00
Location: Nice cosy little Tea shop "Formocha" at Binnen Dommerst 22/24

I'm planning to make a stamp paint on a big paper covered on the wall at the space as my first experience. And will be a nice japanese rice-ball serve by UNOBENTO and of course nice tea from Formocha. Please stop by, we warmly welcome and offer you a nice sunday afternoon.

more information at Nest project


日時:12月19日(日) 時間:15時〜18時
場所:心地よい小さなティーショップ「Formocha」 にて 住所:Binnen Dommerst 22/24


詳しい情報はこちらから ネストプロジェクト


Chapan night, Change date...

I'm sorry to announce that unfortunately we need to postponed the event...

more information on nest project




Event announcement: Chapan Night in Amsterdam

Date: Friday November 26, 2010
Time: 18.30 – 20.00
Location: The Pacific Mall, Geldersekade 28
Chapan Night is a 90 minutes celebration of two Japanese artisan in a former Chinese Shopping Mall. Uno Fujisawa and Masaaki Oyamada will pop-up and bring you Japanese street food and art for a delightful early Friday evening.
more information on nest project

At the event I'm going to do a live stamp which is sort of live paint, I'll make a graphic with in 90m by using many stamps.


期日は:11月26日金曜日 6時半から8時まで The Pacific Mall, Geldersekade 28 にて


I made a graphic made out of some stamps for KurikaExhibition.
I call them a Hankography, Hanko is a Japanese word for a stamp but I just realized that it good to use a Stampgraphy instead, then it become international.



A man on a Surfboard

This is for a friend of mine who lives in Kamakura 
where all surfing lover lives.

I'm not sure if he did surfing before he start live there or other way, it seems surfing is part of his life now. And when we talk about what makes him and he mentions his eye which indeed has a power. so the idea is he is on the board in a see and that way you can see a bit of board on his eye.




for a friend in Kumamoto

This is for a for a friend in Kumamoto, Japan.
When we off for Japan on Aug, we met a lot of friend and had a nice talk with dinner, it always combinations of these two. when we had dinner with the friend who very close friend of my wife she or I start talking about stamp then I quickly draw a sketch and promise her to create a one.



Grow Kitchen 育てるきっちん

Logo stamp
Logo is combination of type and glass jar

This is for a friend who visit us from Japan for the weekend.

She is passionate for food and has been struggle for own style, so we had a little discussion before dinner then we came up with a brand and made whole thing within few days.

We named the brand "Grow Kitchen (It direct translation from Japanese)" She is not just into a organic  food, but also preservative food (she brought a loverly cookies) and normally a food grows in a farm, but her food is grows in the kitchen and sometime in a glass jar.

Gift package





Nande x One stamp

This is a sample of a new project with my friend Nande.

Nande is a graphic designer from Tokyo, he stayed our place after a live paint project in Paris.
This project is combination of One stroke drawing and ONE STAMP in a day. He brought a few posters and T-shirts for paris and It spontaneously started by stamp on them.





This is for a friend, he have a tattoo of KOKOPELLI, and he somehow get inspiration from fire often. so we thought it can put together.


Thank you

This is for a friend, he wanted a surprise, so I thought about quite sometime and I decided to give "Thank you" because I realized that he did many thing for me and that why I'm here right now, so thank you very much!

驚かせてくてってのが彼のリクエスト、そこでしばらく考えた末「Thank you」を送る事にしました、彼がいろいろしてくれたから事今の自分がいるわけです、「どうもありがとう。」



This is for a friend of mine, we chatted on internet some days ago and he asked me a stamp.
He decided to move to another country by following love, and he wanted to have a stamp based on "freedom" and the city where he move. He explained to me that the freedom is something he always knows by his heart but he need to search in the world and now, he is just about grasp the freedom.
It is a moment of happy, optimistic but very nervous at same time.



Errol 1974

This is for a colleague, He told me that he would love to create own graphics, do travel around and read books etc, but unfortunately his agenda is full for family and office... so his dream agenda is in the middle of stamp. He also love football world champion much at 1974 when dutch had the special method to play the game. And the stamp is very simple and iconic because he love to tell the story what behind things.