Yesterday was for colleague, she is taking part in the World Championship, together with her team. so it's obvious what I need to do.



VOR Navigation

Yesterday was for a colleague, he like to play flight simulation game and we thought of cockpit icon into stamp. I like this stamp it bit different form what I've made, it gives another layer to it...

同僚Lのためのスタンプ、何が好きが聞き出すと、フライトシミュレーションゲームが好きとの事、そこでコックピットにある複雑なナビゲーターをスタンプにする事にしました。すると「VOR Navigation って調べてみて」って、よっぽどゲームが好きみたいです。


Buddha ribbon

Yesterday was for a colleague, he can do zen meditation pose with both feet on his knee, and he like to draw beautiful line drawing.
The ribbon represent his line drawing, it's trust quality symbol and very open minded. And also works well as a abstract icon.



Design brief

Yesterday was for my colleague as a birthday present.
He game me a list of a design brief include information of his three kids, it was first time to me to create stamp with brief and without talk.
My remark of brief was:
  • Sister: Crazy with horse riding
  • Brother: Crazy with waveboarding, bmx biking, fencing and gaming
  • Young sister: Crazy with playing with dolls.
It was difficult to organize three people + one horse fit in limited space.
I hope he and they like it :)

同僚Rの子供たちのためのスタンプ。オフィスの戦略家でもある彼は、一ヶ月前に早々とスタンプのブリーフィング(要望書)をメールで送ってきました(笑 ポイントだけあげると、乗馬好き(長女)スポーツ好き(次男)人形好き(三男)。三人と馬と人形を小さいスペースまとめる作業はちょっと大変。後日聞いたところ、みんなに気に入ってもらえたようなので、よかったです。


What you think and what you say...

It was a just thought that what we think and what we say are always slightly different, isn't it?
for instance, I have a ideal way of communication but what I really do it bit different and if someone looked at it then the difference is even more clear... Just a thought of the day.



After holiday

Happy and sad are always my feeling after long holiday.



Happy birthday!

Yesterday was for a birthday gift for friend of mine in Kawashiri in Japan. He became 32 and very proud as you see:)