Stamp journey 2012 to 2016 - 01

Dear Friends,

I was away for quite sometime.

I try to tell you my story since last post, it was so much stories and I am still making stamp.

When I did the exhibition "Nice to stamp you"  in order to meet people in den haag, it was very successful and the projects kept going until summer 2016.

The reason why I started was because I did not know almost anyone in the city.
I came to holland in 2005 to work for design agency in Amsterdam, I left to japan in 2009 but I came back in 2010 with my wife to work for another brand design office in den haag, ever since I live here with two kids and my lovely wife.

When I started work for myself in 2011, I realized did not know anyone in the city since I spend most of time when I was working in office and family in den haag. I decided to create a project to meet people by making a stamp for them. 

The concept was to make personal symbol in a stamp.
It stared interest in human essence, what is that looks like? how different it look from people in different culture, age, gender etc and the project worked as a research about what does it look? and how to question in order to going into the level of essence.

The exhibition at Mien (a cafe in the center) was very successful, I met quite some people who become a good friends and some very confused about the project because I could not explain what I was doing at the time, but project was kept going because people did not stop coming to make a stamp.

This project was ended by an exhibition in Kumamoto, Japan in Summer 2015 by presenting the idea of "Visualizing personal symbol in a form of Stamp" by short interview... everything was good except for one thing, it was the end of the project instead of kick starting the project...


Nice to stamp you at Mien

I'm happy to announce that my new expo in den haag
is actually started few days ago.

"Nice to Stamp you at mien" is working on progress 
6 weeks expo by stamp artist Masaaki Oyamada.

During this 6 weeks Masaaki create personalized stamp by short interview.

A personal stamp gift to yourselve, give to someone else for special occasion, give message/whisdom to your baby to have his own stamp with bigger frame for in baby room etc.

Mien koffie en brood
Korte Molenstraat 11a
2513 BM den haag

Open! till 29th September 2012

How much?
It a donation, you can pay as much as you think it worth for you.

Please give me a call to make an appointment.

06 4353 4083


A tree with Bird

This is for a present for a person who is winner of 
Nature and More campaign on Facebook "fruit with Face"

This is based on her a pendant she wear.
I like idea of making it from things you wear or with you
because somehow it show you who you are or how you see the world.



This is a for little friend Zen.
It based on his drawing.


Short movie about ONE STAMP in a day

We created this short movie about ONE STAMP in a day 
together with Tom and Wout from Central Park Office and
Roberto from 360 sound in April 2012.

Thank you very much Tom and Wout for your activity and curiosity.
And thank you very much Roberto for your pleasure.

... bit about a background
It started by an e-mail from Tom ask me if I would interesting
in making video with them and I said Yes, so we meet up at a cafe
for the first and they filmed me when we met for second time at
my studio. They filmed me while I was making a stamp, and had 
little interview about me, They just let me speak without no 
indication which I felt very relax and something very spontaneous.

Roberto is very good friend of mine, good guitar player and
has own company produce sound for movies and companies.
We always had a idea to create sound brand by working together,
and I thought this movie was a good opportunity to see what we can do. 
And He made this music/sound just as I make a stamp.

I was very happy working together with you guys, I felt we all
appreciate what we do and what we are creating and I think you
can see by looking about this short video.

Enjoy. and hope you like it.



Hope Step Japan!

ONE STAMP will be join to support Hope Step Japan!
on this coming sunday in Amsterdam!
Please check the info below and I'll see you there!
Sunday, 11th March 201211:00 - 20:00

Vijzelstraat 68, 1017HL Amsterdam
The earthquake that hit Japan on the 11th of March 2011 and the nuclear disaster that followed have had a profound impact on our lives.

Since these tragic events, Japanese people everywhere, including those in Holland, have been struggling with the effects on a daily basis.

The impact of the Japan Earthquake raises critical questions regarding our future patterns of living, including the use of nuclear power.

The event must not be forgotten. We feel a strong urge to take some action and generate hope for the future!
Program subject to alterations - Please check our website for information.



Stamp to promote Luchtsingel with LOKAAL

100 rotterdam city plan has been selected into 5
and this Luchtsingel is one of them!
The plan is to make a path from Rotterdam central 
station to the Mini Mall, check out!!!



入っているMini Mallまでをセントラルの駅から遊歩道で結ぶという案



Kiyoe in Paris

This is a stamp made for a friend of friend I met in Paris.

She is a japanese artist staying at school for short period.
And Her time in Paris was to meet friends again
from long time ago, and she met 7 friends in paris!

so I made a japanese character of human into
Eiffel tower with friend around.



CANYA REIAL made on 8th DEC 2011

This is a stamp for a friend in Paris.

He have a very nice relax music label by him self, 

which means Sugarcane Royal
have produced some musics with Canadian music production.

I visit his place in paris at his birthday by accident
We have a very good talk and he told me about his label
which he has been playing all the time
I just loved it from the beginning 
so we started to discus how can I make a stamp
out of his music.

We came up with kind of a logo for his label 

We met for first time in a SPECIAL PLACE in paris 
it was a night, very special experience and we talked a lot...
and since then he is one of my great supporter for my projects.


彼とパリで初めて会ったのは 初めてパリを訪れたときで






Blossom at OPTIONS!

Stamp paint for OPTIONS! especially for the launch party for FLAT TABLE.

Contemporary Department Store
Damrak 49  1012 LL Amsterdam

15:00 Arrive OPTIONS!  Very close to Amsterdam CS station, very nice pace.

Many many nice stuff...

Design Product, Stationary, Fashion, Music and Workshop, everything is here

16:00 Here is the wall that I painted

Working on progress, Stamping on progress

Strong pink, very good energy

After few hours of stamping...

18:00 Still only Blossom, but more to come

Wall has rough texture, but it works

21:30 Adding another colour Blue to create depth

Added my name "masa" the problem is it can not read it...

Original sketch, thought about it at the train to Amsterdam on same day

22:00 Done!

Next day at 9th Feb in Amsterdam, it very very cold right now as you can see


You can see the station from the Store

JAPANESE OPTIONS! The party just started!

THE TABLE is downstairs, it very beautiful... Thanks Theo for the pictures 

My son also like it:)


OPTIONS! | Working on progress

Contemporary department store OPTIONS!  ask me to create
a wall paint of a blossom for an opening coming on this Thursday.
The opening is about official launch of The Flat table design by japanese
architect Jo Nagasaka, so will be japanese theme going on during the opening.

The wall at the store is quite rough, so this time the stamp is made by soft material,
I hope it going to work...

I will be at OPTIONS! tomorrow from afternoon to paint a wall, so
pop by if you are around, you can see me straggling with a wall:)


VAVI | two large stamps for exterior

ONE STAMP has been quiet since new year and yes,
I just came back from japan and now starting up the 2012!
here is a project from japan...

 I always go a hair dresser when I go back to Kumamoto in Japan.
The place is called Hair design VAVI and the owner became a good friend and he ask me to 
create something for the place when I visit last time, so after I came back to holland 
I decided to make two scissors stamps with a drawing which you see on the picture.
The idea is to create two letter "V" and "I" to write "VAVI"

At this time, he also ask me to create something for outside, also mention a problem 
is that the place does not recognized as a hair dresser in the night, so I decided to make 
same scissors stamps in large scale for exterior.

V as a friend Hiro and I as a friend Nao, thank!

The stamp made out of a "special" material called OFURO-MATTO:)
at VAVI with a customer
Making a colour Pink 
I worked during opening hour so shutter  is half close

almost finish

Only one has got Pink

Nice texture...

This is how it look in the night

The owner, very nice guy with good skill and heart, thank you very much for always!
Hair design VAVI
Tel. 096-288-1439
Web. www.vavi-design.com
6-30 Kokaihonmachi, Kumamoto-shi
Kumamoto JAPAN