American Panda

This stamp for my sister's husband. He have an american bike and also team with people have same type of bike. He asked me to create a logo for the team and I thought I can make a logo by making a stamp.
The team call "American in Wakayama" and Wakayama is the place where they live and a Panda is symbol of this region, that why he is there:)

和歌山在住でハーレー乗り、チームも持っている彼に以前チームのロゴをつくってくれないかと頼まれました、そこでハンコ作りでロゴをつくる事にしました。チーム名は「アメリカン in 和歌山」和歌山はパンダが名物だそうでアメリカン(バイク)とパンダを組み合わせる事にしました。


A fathers day

This is for a father of a colleague. He wanted to give a present in father's day. The father have a company cleaning a window so the idea is make it in to stamp with his initial to it.



Aborigine art

This is for a colleague. She explain to me that she has two mentality for instance combination of lovely and bitch, it because she is Gemini in Constellation and she doesn't want to make everything clear in positive way. and she like an art form aborigine from Australia, so I add a touch of it to the stamp.



A Interior designer

This is for a friend of colleague. she want to give a birthday present for a friend who is interior designer and had a cat. The friend has a simple and a natural taste so we make decided to stamp to be simple.


Enjoy the moment

This is for a colleague, she love enjoy the moment together with the husband with a glass of wine, and we thought that would be nice stamp, and It was good surprise that the day I give the stamp is actually a  wedding anniversary!