Blossom at OPTIONS!

Stamp paint for OPTIONS! especially for the launch party for FLAT TABLE.

Contemporary Department Store
Damrak 49  1012 LL Amsterdam

15:00 Arrive OPTIONS!  Very close to Amsterdam CS station, very nice pace.

Many many nice stuff...

Design Product, Stationary, Fashion, Music and Workshop, everything is here

16:00 Here is the wall that I painted

Working on progress, Stamping on progress

Strong pink, very good energy

After few hours of stamping...

18:00 Still only Blossom, but more to come

Wall has rough texture, but it works

21:30 Adding another colour Blue to create depth

Added my name "masa" the problem is it can not read it...

Original sketch, thought about it at the train to Amsterdam on same day

22:00 Done!

Next day at 9th Feb in Amsterdam, it very very cold right now as you can see


You can see the station from the Store

JAPANESE OPTIONS! The party just started!

THE TABLE is downstairs, it very beautiful... Thanks Theo for the pictures 

My son also like it:)

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  1. Hi I just found you through Ilse of stampij.net, she had you on her blog roll. I love the flower wall. Thanks for the inspiration.