Errol 1974

This is for a colleague, He told me that he would love to create own graphics, do travel around and read books etc, but unfortunately his agenda is full for family and office... so his dream agenda is in the middle of stamp. He also love football world champion much at 1974 when dutch had the special method to play the game. And the stamp is very simple and iconic because he love to tell the story what behind things.


French & Japanese

This is for a friends of mine, French & Japanese family.
They stayed at our place for two weekends, they told me that they all love eat together as you can see 3 foods next to parson on first stamp. And there an icon in the middle of stamp which It made out of there initials and I also created separately.



Spanish & Japanese

This is for a friend of mine, Spanish & Japanese happy family.
We visited them to do BBQ and little bit of sightseeing in Belgium, so it was relaxing weekend.
The husband is very layback, like to think about something on a sofa at home, but the wife is very active, love changes. it seems they are quite opposite but the little daughter give the balance in this family.




This is for colleague. She is the parson who do house keeping, making food and so on. It nice just a stamp of parson.