A tree with Bird

This is for a present for a person who is winner of 
Nature and More campaign on Facebook "fruit with Face"

This is based on her a pendant she wear.
I like idea of making it from things you wear or with you
because somehow it show you who you are or how you see the world.



This is a for little friend Zen.
It based on his drawing.


Short movie about ONE STAMP in a day

We created this short movie about ONE STAMP in a day 
together with Tom and Wout from Central Park Office and
Roberto from 360 sound in April 2012.

Thank you very much Tom and Wout for your activity and curiosity.
And thank you very much Roberto for your pleasure.

... bit about a background
It started by an e-mail from Tom ask me if I would interesting
in making video with them and I said Yes, so we meet up at a cafe
for the first and they filmed me when we met for second time at
my studio. They filmed me while I was making a stamp, and had 
little interview about me, They just let me speak without no 
indication which I felt very relax and something very spontaneous.

Roberto is very good friend of mine, good guitar player and
has own company produce sound for movies and companies.
We always had a idea to create sound brand by working together,
and I thought this movie was a good opportunity to see what we can do. 
And He made this music/sound just as I make a stamp.

I was very happy working together with you guys, I felt we all
appreciate what we do and what we are creating and I think you
can see by looking about this short video.

Enjoy. and hope you like it.