Making of BoxXshop Poster

My friend who runs Nest project ask me to
participate an event in Amsterdam

The event is call BoxXshop Calls for arts & Crafts
It is one day cerebration of artist and craft
All artists own one part of book shelf to have own shop
to sell their work in Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam
And It will be around 30 artists

My first action as participant is to create a poster for the event


イベントの名前はBoxXshop Calls for arts & Crafts

Making of the artwork

These are the all stamps I used to create

One on my favorite stamp called Saito-kun, named by my wife

This is the artwork before scan into computer

The idea is that a lot of fun things comes out from the box

This flower created sometimes ago and it's inspired by a flower hydrangea

I often get compliment for this birds

And this is before I make into Black and white

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