Design brief

Yesterday was for my colleague as a birthday present.
He game me a list of a design brief include information of his three kids, it was first time to me to create stamp with brief and without talk.
My remark of brief was:
  • Sister: Crazy with horse riding
  • Brother: Crazy with waveboarding, bmx biking, fencing and gaming
  • Young sister: Crazy with playing with dolls.
It was difficult to organize three people + one horse fit in limited space.
I hope he and they like it :)

同僚Rの子供たちのためのスタンプ。オフィスの戦略家でもある彼は、一ヶ月前に早々とスタンプのブリーフィング(要望書)をメールで送ってきました(笑 ポイントだけあげると、乗馬好き(長女)スポーツ好き(次男)人形好き(三男)。三人と馬と人形を小さいスペースまとめる作業はちょっと大変。後日聞いたところ、みんなに気に入ってもらえたようなので、よかったです。

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